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Precise Exterminating offers a wide variety of pest extermination and removal in the Greater Cleveland area. Our team is trained with the most advanced techniques using both standard removal and environmentally friendly extermination techniques.

Our team of experts takes all of the important steps to make sure the pests are removed completely and safely. Part of removing pests is making sure they don't come back. Our service men will repair damage done by the pests and seal the home or business to make sure problems don't happen in the future. We can also install chimney caps and other devices designed to protect your home or business from future intrusions and seal holes and cracks in the building. Making sure the pests don't return can be just as important as getting rid of them in the first place!

Another important aspect pest remediation is cleanup. Many animals can leave droppings, dangerouse bacteria and other harmful things behind when they are removed. Our team will make sure everything is cleaned up including removing damaged or dirty insulation and even furniture. We will make sure it is safe for you and your family before we leave!

Bed Bugs:
In Cleveland and Akron, bed bugs have become a significant problem. Not to worry - Precise Exterminating uses the most advanced methods of detection and removal. Our K-9 unit uses a highly trained dog that can detect many different types of pests that can't easily be seen. He can even smell through material or walls without opening up anything.

Precise Exterminating uses state-of-the-art heat treatment to raise the temperature of your home, apartment or office so the bed bugs can be killed without any harmful side effects. Our heat treatement process kills all of the bed bugs without tearing apart your home or office. Our team will seal the space, heat it, then cleanup after the process is complete. It's just that easy!

Precise Exterminating uses a wide variety of traps, traditional chemicals and even specialized heat treatement to eliminate all of the insects in and around your home or business. Whether its cockroaches, ants, bees, termites or bed bugs, don't put your friends and family at risk. If it's time to clean up the problem give us a call!

In some ways, animals can pose more danger to you and your family than many insects. Animals can bring disease into your home or office, can block chimneys causing backup of dangerous carbon monoxide and can even bite! Whether its 1 small mouse or a large family of raccoons, Precise Exterminating will remove the animal and repair any damage done by them.

Bed Bug Dogs remove bed bugs

K-9 Unit:
For years, dogs have been used to find a variety of dangerous items - drugs, explosives, contraband and even injured people. Now, dogs and their keen sense of smell have found a new way to help us. Precise Exterminating uses a bed bug canine unit.

Working with our specially trained handlers, this unique team can inspect a room in just 2-3 minutes which means less time spent in your home. Because of their amazing noses, our dog can sniff out bed bugs through furniture, walls and clothes. No longer does a bed bug inspection mean digging through all of your furniture, closet and personal items. Our well trained canine unit can search a house, office, hotel room or any other area in just a few minutes with nearly 100% accuracy!

Because of this extensive training and skill, the canine unit is able to detect bed bugs and their eggs even when there are no visible signs of infestation. That means you save money because infestations can be caught very early before they get out of hand. It also means that we can perform monthly maintenance inspections at your location to provide on-going assurance that you are bed bug free.

Bed Bug removal using our K-9 Unit

Bed Bug Dogs: Did you know that dogs have more than 40 times the amount of olfactory receptors in their nose! It is thought that a dog's sense of smell is over 1000 times more powerful than humans. A tremendous amount of training goes on for both the dog and the handler to make sure the team is effective and remains efficient.

Detecting bed bugs throughout all stages of the life cycle is important. Bed bug inspecting dogs are highly trained to detect eggs, nymphs and adults through their keen sense of smell. Special attention will be given to areas where bed bugs are most likely infesting.

Bed Bug Dogs Inspect:
  • Beds, mattress seams, box springs, bed frames and headboards
  • Night stands and dressers
  • Closets
  • Flooring, carpets, baseboards and wood trim
  • Lamps clocks and telephones
  • Wallpaper, electrical switches and outlets
  • Curtains and upholstery
  • Clothing and ground objects
  • Luggage
  • Sofas, chairs and other furniture

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