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Bed Bugs
Stop Bed Bugs Today!
Bedbugs are in Ohio and could be in your home. If you think you might have bedbugs, let us do a free inspection.

How Do We Do It?
Precise Exterminating offers a wide variety of pest removal services. We have standard traps and environmentally friendly products. We even offer the new heat treatment process that is completely safe for everything in your home - EXCEPT the pests!! Our team of experts will also repair any damage done by the pests and make sure you are protected from future intrusions.

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Residential Exterminnating
Do you need exterminating services or pest removal for your home, apartment or condo? Give Precise Exterminating a call today!

Commercial Exterminating
Precise Exterminating can handle provide pest control in offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Welcome to Precise Exterminating
Thanks for trusting Precise Exterminating with your pest problems. Our experts use environmentally friendls traps and chemicals that are safe for humans and pets.
  • 1 Pest Control for Bees
    Stop bees from bothering you and the family during picnics, parties and outings in the backyard. Call Precise Exterminating today!
  • 2 Wildlife Problems?
    Precise Exterminating can remove all of your wildlife problems. Whether its Raccoons, birds or mice - We can help!
  • 3 Do You Have Bed Bugs?
    Precise Exterminating uses state-of-the-art heat treatements to get rid of your bed bug problem
  • 3 Do You Have Bed Bugs?
    Precise Exterminating uses state-of-the-art heat treatements to get rid of your bed bug problem
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Bed Bugs
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Property Managers
Get a free inspection of your property today. Don’t let your property suffer because rentors brought pests with them when they moved in.
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K-9 Unit On Staff
Bed Bug K-9 Unit - Fast and Effective!
For years, dogs have been used to find a variety of dangerous items - drugs, explosives, contraband and even injured people. Now, dogs and their keen sense of smell have found a new way to help us. Precise Exterminating uses a bed bug canine unit.

Working with our specially trained handlers, this unique team can inspect a room in just 2-3 minutes which means less time spent in your home. Because of their amazing noses, our dog can sniff out bed bugs through furniture, walls and clothes. No longer does a bed bug inspection mean ...

Read More about our K-9 Unit